Watch your language

What we must reflect on is that this election win for the establishment is the expected result that comes from “manufacturing consent” through the use of propaganda in some covert media campaigns.


We the people must take control back over our narrative or forever be silenced. We must not allow ourselves to be directed by corporate media monopolies. Because their fundamental nature is to be self serving which is completely at odds with democracy.


We must demand better media regulation that does not permit political lobby groups or parties to disguise themselves as independent media outlets. There is an important difference between an opinion piece and a news report on the facts, journalistic integrity demands the difference must be made clear and maintained as a standard protocol.


The Australian people are not idiots and they are not wholly selfish but they have been lied to and they need to know the truth, they deserve to know the truth. Fascism only serves fascists, history tells us so. The end game is that the rest of us are all herded like cattle to the slaughter house as human life becomes a commodity.


Fascists never openly declare themselves as such owing to the fact that their doctrine would be rejected on mass. This rejection speaks well of human spirit and deep desire for decency.


The rise of the fascist far right around the world spreads not because the majority of people align with such horrendous ideals but because the far right manufactures a false alignment to the majority. It is a nasty trick, where ignorance brings no bliss and only ‘the truth will set you free’ from the web of lies.




Watch your language

Words weave in and out of our lives
Hold the power to tell truth or lies
Can build a bridge or a wall
Spoken in foolishness they divide
Conveyed in understanding they unify
This is why I carry a dictionary by my side

Disassemble the literal meaning
Enfold in modern discourse
Watch to see if it holds its burden
For there is no hiding intention in expression
Misuse reveals their mark
As much as missing lines are a sign

A stranglehold has prevailed in silence
Soundbites are shoved into mouths
Conversations are polite scripts
Nothing really matters
Truth is greeted with disbelief
History is re-written

Ideologies run on repeat
Until they are believed
Narrowing options
Knowledge is lost
Watch your language
For it is the thread that binds humankind


Camille Barr

Camille Barr

Camille Barr is an Australian poet, essayist & artist.