A poetry art print featuring the work of Camille Barr.
A poetry art print featuring the work of Camille Barr.
Where does the light get in, a poem by Camille Barr.
Where does the light get in

Where does the light get in?


Poetry Art Print

Print size A3 or A4


Archival quality unframed Giclee print on Museo 100% cotton archival paper.


Where does the light get in?


Paint me a picture

So I may see

Sing me a song

So I may listen

Write me a poem

So I may reflect


When the days are dark

Art shines a light

It is our story to tell

A political show

Whichever way we go

Either the status quo

Or the rebel rising

It is my home

Beating with life

Light of my life



Camille Barr


Where does the light get in?

The world can seem disjointed due to the constant bombardment of messages designed to divide humanity into groups. This painting reflects this feeling by representing the Earth being pulled apart. However, if you scratch the surface the light of humanity https://sparrowpoetry.com.au/wp-admin/post.php?post=3763&action=edit#and beauty within the planet remains, albeit hanging by a thread, as in the poem the story of us told through art is the thread that binds.


A Giclée print on Museo Cotton Textured Rag – A delightful textured rag reminiscent of old-world cold press water colour paper. This 100% cotton 300gsm paper is acid-free with no optical brighteners. It is printed to museum archival quality.

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A4 Giclee Art Print, A3 Giclee Art Print

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