Poetry art print by Australian creative Camille Barr
Poetry art print by Australian creative Camille Barr
Recycled timber handcratfe picture frame.
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Very good days

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Poetry Art Print

Print size A3 (29.7cm x 42cm)


Archival quality Giclee print on Museo 100% cotton archival paper.  Print also available in a reclaimed hardwood timber frame.



Very good days

Made a bed

Wrote a note

Baked a cake

Sat in a nook

Read a book

Delivered a smile

Forgot the time

A thought became aligned

Worked only awhile

Stopped for a childhood

The present was engaging

Checked in with a lover

Feasted with family

Serenity slipped into slumber

A self-determined day

Is a productive day


Camille Barr


Very good days 

In a busy modern world we often have to rely on our “to do” lists so we don’t forget everything we have to get through boxing us into a rigid way of life, the box symbolises this type of cage. What if we were free to choose, would the day really be wasted? I say no and display that by ticking off a very satisfying and self productive day that spills outside of the box.


About My Poetry Art Prints

The art that accompanies my poetry is a type of abstract expression of the theme and/or emotion that the poem conveys. I do not use paint brushes instead I collect leaves, bark, stones, flowers, seeds or whatever interesting shape I find on a walk out in nature or in my garden, then I dip them in the paint to discover different patterns, I also use artist palette knives to enhance these shapes.

As I am painting through a process of experimentation it does not always turn out the way I imagine so I must re-imagine persisting through trial and error. The final art piece may then be the accumulation of three or four attempts painted over each other. However it is the “mistakes” that are ultimately the guiding light that contribute to the formation of the end result.

I take my inspiration from observing the world around me and I learn through the process of experimentation. For me to experiment is to discover.

Natures paintbrushes, poetry art prints by Camille Barr
Natures paintbrushes, poetry art prints by Camille Barr
Natures paintbrushes, poetry art prints by Camille Barr

Camille Barr’s poetry art prints are available in a number of styles. 

A3 & A4 Giclee poetry art prints framed.


A Giclée print on Museo Cotton Textured Rag – A delightful textured rag reminiscent of old-world cold press water colour paper. This 100% cotton 300gsm paper is acid-free with no optical brighteners. It is printed to museum archival quality.


Sparrow eco frames are lovingly crafted in house from locally sourced salvaged hardwood timber. Each artisan frame has subtle differences making each frame a truly unique specialty item. All natural picture frames are lightly polished with our own furniture blend beeswax to further protect and enhance the grain of the timber.


Also note timber colour, grooves, knots and holes vary with each picture frame due to the nature of recycled timber. See below for the type of frame you will receive.


Sparrow Eco Reclaimed timber photo frames
Sparrow Eco Reclaimed Timber Pciture Frames
Sparrow Eco Reclaimed Picture Frames

Please note: Some of our gallery images feature frames with oiled finishes as well as a grey style finish.  Images above show a range of the type of frame you should expect.

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Dimensions 50 × 40 × 1.5 cm

Unframed art print A3 $48, Framed art print A3 $90

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