Handmade paper poetry print
Handmade paper poetry print
The day has passed me by (not to try)

Very good days



Poetry Print

Print size A5 (14.8cm x 21cm)

Poetry print in mat-board on handmade paper. Eco friendly made using 100% waste paper products.

Very good days

Made a bed
Wrote a note
Baked a cake
Sat in a nook
Read a book
Delivered a smile
Forgot the time
A thought became aligned
Worked only awhile
Stopped for a childhood
The present was engaging
Checked in with a lover
Feasted with family
Serenity slipped into slumber
A self-determined day
Is a productive day



Camille Barr


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Printed on handmade paper. Eco friendly and made using only 100% waste paper products. This handmade paper is sourced locally and made by a small artisanal operator. As the paper is handmade the colour and texture may naturally vary. If you have a preference for the shade of paper used or presence of ‘specks’ please advise us and we will do our very best to accommodate your request. Each piece comes in white mat-board ready to frame.


Book Pressed Flowers

Each print also comes with a book pressed flower or two, all the flowers are dried and book pressed here in house and matched with a print.  Making each piece a truly special one of a kind piece. They do come loose so you can choose to frame your print with or without the flower. We try and match up the flowers so they are similar to the ones in the photo but as with the paper each one is unique so please bear that in mind.


Sparrow Eco Frames

If you are looking to pair your poetry print with one of our frames you can purchase them here. All frames are lovingly crafted right here in house. Sparrow Eco Frames are made from salvaged hardwood timber. As such the complete package produces a unique artisan creation, with every piece of paper and every frame having subtle natural differences, no two pieces are the same making each a truly one of a kind specialty item.


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Dimensions 21 × 26 × .10 cm

Unframed poetry print A5 $15, Framed poetry print A5 $57

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