The social experiment
The social experiment
The social experiment
The social experiment

The social experiment


Poetry Art Print

Print size A3 or A4


Archival quality unframed Giclee print on Museo 100% cotton archival paper.


Social experiment

Take away the scales
Add a boy and a girl
Place one in front of the other
Blind the boy with sugar
Tie the girls hands
Bake the boy in golden sunshine
Beat the girl down and leave to rise
Measure only the material
Add judgement to the girl
Add praise to the boy
Discard cause and effect
Walk away from the results


Camille Barr


Social Experiment

Titled Cafe Society for an emotive view into our social habits and how they shape our society. We are after all at our core social beings. How and with whom we interact with has a profound effect on how we perceive the world. A most simple illustration of components, a colourful wall (energy), uncomplicated lines of a bar (a structure of division) to convey it is our everyday tasks that we cement the social fabric of our lives.


A Giclée print on Museo Cotton Textured Rag – A delightful textured rag reminiscent of old-world cold press water colour paper. This 100% cotton 300gsm paper is acid-free with no optical brighteners. It is printed to museum archival quality.

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A4 Giclee Art Print, A3 Giclee Art Print

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