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RISE (Democratise)

Beginning with the hypothesis that happiness is intrinsically linked to freedom. The concept of happiness is reflected upon by delving into the political and economic structures we have created. Revealing the stark similarities between capitalism and imperialism. Once we realise this then we know the market will not provide.

“A collection of thought provoking vignettes, words cleverly weaved with meaning. The common thread is challenging the way we are and the world we live in, lamenting the loss of community and fairness, yet the enduring feeling is one of hope and optimism.
Read it, leave it, let it linger and it will beckon you for attention again and again. It won’t always make you smile, but it will make you think.” Kim Wingerei – Author, commentator and occasional poet


“For those who are worried, for those seeking comfort, for those who want change,
for those searching for hope, this book is for you. In a world that is divided, these poems will inspire and unite.” Sarah-Rose Mutch – Digital Marketer and aspiring poet

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Poetry book by Australian female poet Camille Barr

Behind the facade

Behind the facade


Stirring the pot of hope… A collection of contemporary poetry, reflecting on the value systems instilled by modern society.  Encouraging conscious thought, in the hope a brighter future may emerge.


Human connections are the building blocks of communities, with prosperity being gained through collective effort. Yet the concept of collectivism is being drowned out, by messaging that seeks to propel the atomisation of the individual, rather than recognising that self-interest is best served by creating a truly civilised society. A facade of decency cannot protect the individual from the far-reaching ramifications of an unequal society, since the world is evermore interconnected, as the saying goes; ‘United we stand, divided we fall’.


In a climate where current systems seek to spread division through misinformation poetry is a powerful story-telling tool to pass on our collective knowledge, counteracting disinformation and spreading instead connections of unity.

“She touches the hearts of her readers by emphasizing the importance of connection to the extent of narrating one of the most powerful things a human can have; control over its own thoughts; freedom to be what one wants to be in this life…The way the author combined different elements like imagery and alliteration produces a harmony of words, making it a masterpiece.” Jewel Vanilli, www.goodreads.com


“The story teller can hide behind their story; a bad writer can get away with it if the story is great. But a poem? It has to speak volumes in usually less words than a short story, sometimes only a few lines. It has to have the rhythm of music. The poet’s language has to be broad so that there is little repetition. The poet has to be seen to be in control. Camille Barr with her work ‘Behind The Facade’ succeeds on all these counts…Poets will appreciate this work, non poets could learn how to appreciate poetry from this work.” John Eliot, Poet “Ssh”


“When we think of poetry, we usually think of romance. We think of the thought provoking messages it’s endeavoring to communicate to our hearts and minds. When we look at a building all we can see is its outside, its faÇade, hiding all of the complexities which are lurking behind it. What the author, Camille Barr, I feel has attempted to do in this book of poetry is give us a combination of these two…she gets her readers to use their minds and realize those wonder thought-provoking messages her poetry contains, which is why I’ve given Behind The Facade 5 STARS.” Robin Leigh Morgan, Author “I Kissed a Ghost

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