About Sparrow Poetry

Sparrow Poetry is all about using art to communicate and reflect the society in which we create. The cities, towns, communities and society as a whole are not just something that happen, they are the threads of the fabric of humankind we create together.  Poetry exists as an art form that endeavours to hold up a mirror to this process through a concise form of storytelling that is accessible to all.


Poetry awakens our creative spark, finds connections, engages our humanity because art is the expression of us.


Through this artistic and expressive lens Sparrow Poetry invites us to view our connections to one another. In the hope that seeing our connections will encourage thoughtful consideration into the type of world we want to create, “for the future unfolds in gentle hands”.

Sparrow Eco Frames

Sparrow eco frames are lovingly crafted in house from locally sourced salvaged hardwood timber. Each artisanal frame has subtle differences making each frame a truly unique specialty item. Our all natural picture frames are lightly polished using our unique furniture blend beeswax to further protect and enhance the grain of the timber.

The Last Folk Singer

The Last Folk Singer is a music project of Camille’s, she recently released her first sing A little gypsy song as well as …Because I was born a girl. T visito find out more and to have a listen visit The Last Folk Singer website

About Camille Barr

Camille Barr is an Australian female poet, who grew up in Byron Bay. She now lives in Torquay (Victoria, Australia) with her husband and four children. She has a love and respect for the natural environment that inspires her to explore the relationship of balance within systems, especially in relation to those that humans have created.

Camille Barr an Australian female poet

Camille Barr is an Australian female poet, artist and singer-songwriter.

Camille was introduced to poetry in school at the age of 9 and was instantly captivated by this use of language to both tell a story and analyse an idea. From these early beginnings she continued to write poetry solely for this purpose. She did not pursue poetry as a career path until 2016 when, after a year studying architecture at Curtin University and writing the poem Behind the facade, she realised her true passion was to use writing and art as a way to gain a deeper understanding of the world. With this mission in mind she swapped architecture for poetry and immediately went on to write her first book Behind the Facade in 2016 (published 2017).


Camille is currently in the final editing stages of her second book of contemporary poetry which is due for release in late 2019.