Camille Barr is an Australian poet and author. Her debut book Behind the facade was published in 2017.

About Sparrow Poetry

Sparrow poetry was born from the concept of wanting to open up a space for poetry to again be the exchange of stories and ideas that it once was valued for within society. Poets of the past have contributed greatly to our understanding of the world. However poets of the present now struggle to find a place to showcase their writing therefore diminishing their ability to share their thought provoking analysis.


For example just try telling a friend or a careers adviser that you want to become a poet, if you can overcome the fear of merely saying the words you would already realize that this would not be a career path that will be met with optimism or expressions of viability. However if you consider knowledge, understanding, critical thinking and innovation to be important tools for making a decent society thrive. Then we must consider poetry within the same context and allow for it to again feature more prominently. Sparrow poetry is one attempt to open up this space again.

About Camille Barr

Camille Barr is an Australian female poet, who grew up in Byron Bay. She now lives in Torquay (Victoria, Australia) with her husband and four children. She has a love and respect for the natural environment that inspires her to explore the relationship of balance within systems, especially in relation to those that humans have created.


Camille was introduced to poetry at the age of 9 at school and was instantly captivated by this use of language to both tell a story and analyze an idea. She continued to write poetry for this purpose but did not pursue it as a career path until 2016, after a year studying architecture at Curtin University and writing the poem Behind the facade. Realizing her true passion was to use writing and art as a way to gain a deeper understanding of the world she swapped architecture for poetry and wrote the book Behind the Facade in 2016 (published 2017).


She recently completed a series of poetry art prints for Sparrow Poetry. Currently writing blog articles for Sparrow poetry and working on a second book of contemporary poetry, due for release in 2019.

Camille Barr is an Australian poet and author. Her debut book Behind the facade was published in 2017.